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About Magnetosoft:

Company Profile

Magnetosoft LLC is a software development and consulting business based in Syktyvkar, Russia. Our focus is providing top quality IT solutions for large corporate clients, both local and multinationals. Most of our projects are based on a proprietary SOA platform called “MAGNET”. It is distributed as an open source product and is available from our site free of charge. Company has also a representative office in St.Petersburg.

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built on Magnet platform.

Our list of areas of industrial expertise includes: supply chain optimization, logistic management (railway and auto), GPS tracking, production planning and MES integration, document management, electronic archives, knowledge management, Business Intelligence and other.

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From our experience in developing industry specific solutions for our clients we have realized that many elements in the business processes, similar or even the same on the abstract level, looks totally different and are far from being interchangeable as soon as they are implemented in software. Prompt analysis of this issue revealed that part of the blame goes to the developers themselves. Namely, it is due to the habits of people to follow individual approach to implementation, different for each of the team members. This practice leads to the incompatibility of similar business services across different projects. Another reason of the problem is the application architecture. Details and specific of the interactions among different procedures and modules of the project hamper the utilization of the same software code in other projects.

As an outcome of the above mentioned research we clarified for ourselves the potential to gain the additional efficiency in the development process. Moreover, the reusability of code across the range of business processes has broad positive implications. It gives us more flexibility in distributing the tasks among the project members. Since the peculiarities introduced in the implementation are removed or significantly diminished, we expect our developers become much more universal in terms of applicability of their skills, which in return enhances our capabilities in staffing for projects.

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Our approach

We have designed the standard architecture that was applied uniformly for a whole range of projects. This architecture consists of a set of core modules, interacting through web-services. In a whole this set of services is called MAGNET platform.

In the majority of cases MAGNET core services are applied without any changes. Project specific is contained in the Client and Business Logic modules. Client is usually implemented with JSP and JSF tools, that support rapid development of the project specific interfaces based on the existing library. We also are frequently using AJAX in cases where certain interactivity is demanded by the process.

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Another important outcome is breaking barriers for quickly involving in the project developers not very familiar with the given industrial area. Competence in the specific of solutions in the given field, which previously was the key factor for staffing decisions, today more and more is overturned by the general skills in software development. It also worth mentioning that given approach has very positive impact on the cost of supporting the application and that it makes easier the change management.

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